bluedyer distilling co.

A Southern Maryland Distillery paying homage to more than 5 generations and 100 years of family distilling traditions.

BlueDyer Distilling Co, the makers of Gold Rum, Whiskey and Gin.


The first "BlueDyer" was active in grain farming, milling, and distilling in Southern, Pennsylvania as early as 1720. seven generations later our founder's Great Grandfather and Grandfather revived the BlueDyer moniker during their days of active bootlegging based out of Stafford County, Virginia.

Our founder Ryan, 11 generations from the original BlueDyer, founded BlueDyer Distilling Co. in order to produce high quality distilled spirits in the tradition of craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. BlueDyer Distilling Co. is dedicated to paying homage to the time tested methods of distilling as taught to our founder by his grandfather. (Pictured at Left). 

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