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A Southern Maryland Distillery paying homage to more than 5 generations and 100 years of family distilling traditions.

BlueDyer Distilling Co, the makers of Gold Rum, Whiskey and Gin.

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Cocktail Class: Three Takes on a Martini

  • BlueDyer Distilling Co. 52 Industrial Park Drive Waldorf, MD, 20602 United States (map)

About this Event

Bar Basics & Beyond™

Class Syllabus C- Three Takes on a Martini: The History and How To of the Stirred Martini, the Shaken Martini and the Martinez.

All Classes are broken down into 15 minute segments. Some activities will take up multiple segments. The purpose of the 15 minute time blocks is to provide structure so as to efficiently maximize the student’s time and money spent. Each Class will begin with an Introduction and a Bar Basics Review which will take up the first two segments. All Classes will end with a Wrap-Up & Review for the last segment. Homework will be passed out to Students to complete at home optionally.

06:00- Introduction Begins: Students are seated, settled and ready to begin. All materials are passed out and all subject matter is laid out. Points of Interest include but are not limited to; safety, allergies, emergency exits, restrooms, etiquette, cell phone policy etc. 

6:15- Bar Basics Review Period: Brief History of Alcohol in society along with a Rundown of Basic Bar Tools and their correct usage. Within 15 minutes, someone who has never even heard of alcohol before should understand the concept of mixed alcoholic beverages and the origin of the culture behind it. 

6:30- The Stirred Martini: 

-A Gin History

-How to & Demo Build


-Students make their own


7:00- The Shaken Martini:

-An Ian Fleming History

-How to & Demo Build


-Students make their own


7:30- The Martinez:

-A Jerry Thomas History

-How To & Demo Build


-Students make their own


8:00- Questions and Inquiries. In Summation and Homework Information. 

8:15- Class Wrap-Up. Merchandise Sales. Future Class Programs Information.

8:30- Class Ends, Students are dismissed. Clean-Up. 

All students will be provided with contact and resource information in addition to optional homework assignments. All Students will receive a discount on BlueDyer Merchandise during the Day Of their scheduled class. Cocktail Class Students Will have priority seating and bar space if the Tavern is open to outside guests at the same time as the BBB Classes. 

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